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A Reiki Session 
Your Practitioner will provide a healing treatment session, providing Reiki energy through non-touch.  During the session you will be fully clothed. You may ask questions at any time. You can keep your eyes open, or closed, as you wish. You may take off shoes, socks, eyeglasses or contacts. Your practitioner will perform Reiki with you lying on a professional massage table or comfortably seated in a chair. Your practitioner will provide a pillow and clean sheet or blanket so that you will feel comfortable and relaxed. You may request either D. Trent Lewis or Laurel Damsel.
The Reiki session is fifty minutes, including a brief talk before and after. Before the session, your practitioner will talk with you to assess your issues and requests with an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. Afterward, there will be a brief period to process any feelings and impressions.
Some people come away from a Reiki Healing Treatment Session with an increased sense of relaxation or peace or feeling that everything is all right, a feeling of being "one" with the world. Some persons may experience a sense of release of old emotional feelings, or issues may seem more resolved or clear. Some individuals may find that old aches and/or pains are improved. Some individuals may make some progress working through grief or loss issues. Others may simply feel a greater sense of calm, groundedness and overall satisfaction with life. Some may find they are less fatigued, more energized, but at the same time relaxed, including those who suffer from CFS, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, who might experience some relief from symptoms. Reiki is also used to ease the pain of illnesses including cancer, and to assist in the death and dying process, for the dying, and for their caregivers and loved ones. Reiki is a loving energy which can heal, or improve, symptoms or issues. It can assist in those dying to cross over to the other side more easily, with more issues resolved.
Regular sessions might be recommended or advisable to maintain the feeling of improvement, "maintenance" sessions, similar to taking care of oneself regularly in some or any of the following ways: taking a "mental health" day off from work, attending psychotherapy sessions, eating healthy foods, exercising, slowing down to take a break from the "madness" of daily life, taking a brief retreat away from the busy phones and fax machines, taking a weekend getaway, getting a book with a mug of hot tea and curling up in a favourite chair, ignoring the phone, keeping regular medical appointments, and the like, practicing Self-care.
You will enter your Reiki session with one or more requests or intentions in mind. Your Practitioner is a trained, practiced vessel or channel of the Reiki energy. However, the Reiki energy does the work, a Universal life energy or force. Reiki is an eastern healing technique rather than medicine. Belief in these age-old practices is thousands of years old.
In addition to offering Reiki Healing Treatment Sessions, we also offer Distant Reiki, where persons are offered healing at a distance, rather than during an in-person healing session. These services can be scheduled via a call to the Practice by a client, or scheduled on someone else's behalf, perhaps as a gift, with that recipient's permission (the Reiki Practitioner would contact that person to seek their permission. It is felt that the person's permission is important so that the healing can be most effective). 
We also offer Deep Aura Cleansing, clearing the person's aura of unwanted/ unneeded negative energies, and Reiki Regression, taking one into past lives, at their own comfort level and pace.
Also, there will be a future page "Reiki Class Schedule" for Usui Reiki trainings, beginner through Master and Teacher.    
Those on a healing journey and Healers, including Reiki students and Practitioners/Masters/Teachers, usually have regular, healing Reiki and Energy treatment sessions as part of their ongoing discovery process and professional awareness/insight work and responsibility to be clear channels for their clientele. This can be compared to professional social workers and mental health providers who seek their own psychotherapy treatment in order to be better, more insightful and more professional Healers. This insight/growth work makes them more aware of, and better managers of, their own feelings and issues, separate from their clients, a hallmark of a true professional. This, often following in the footsteps of their healer, following in that healer's healing ancestry/lineage, a "family tree" of healers. Some professional Social Work membership organizations hold a certain number of completed, documented therapy hours on the part of the professional mental health provider as part of their membership requirement.
Individuals who seek emotional release, awareness and stress management through Reiki healing treatment sessions, and those with ongoing pain/discomfort issues, usually come in for regular Reiki healing treatments, for a time period, or ongoing, as part of their own healing and/or management process.
Reiki healing work can also be helpful to those with serious illness, helping to instill a better sense of peace and to help reduce pain issues, help create a better acceptance of their situation, and of their own increasing limitations, a letting go. Reiki work can be helpful to their friends and family members/ caretakers during this process, as well, and can help those who care for the ill person as well, in helping to let go of the loved one, should they pass on.
“Watching a peaceful death of a human being reminds us of a falling star; one of a million lights in a vast sky that flares up for a brief moment only to disappear into the endless night forever.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Reiki Healing Treatment Sessions have been found to be helpful in the following areas: 
emotional issues
grief and loss
unresolved emotional and/or physical pain
those suffering with chronic, ongoing life stressors
a sense of spiritual confusion or pain, seeking spiritual or life insights
desire for improved mood
seeking a deeper sense of relaxation or feeling of belonging in the world
body aches and pains
chronic pain
severe illness
death and dying, for both the ill person and their loved ones/caregivers
accessing Akashic Records
working through old habits/addictions that no longer serve you
We are grateful for this wonderful Reiki energy and feel privileged and honored to be able to provide it as a healing service. It is something we deeply believe in and are thrilled to offer. It is something we love to do!
D. Trent Lewis, Certified Reiki Practitioner
Laurel Damsel, Certified Reiki Master Teacher
Energy, Light, JOY!
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