Aura Station 222, A Step Ahead - Silver Spring, Maryland near metro
Aura Photography
The state of the art of aura photography is still very much in its evolutionary stages. We are very pleased to be a part of this advent in auric photography, the capturing of our Energy in a coloured display, so we believe. We're sure that in the years to come we will have a much more sophisiticated understanding of it and much better scientific instruments to measure and analyze it. Just as it is in every field of study, one has to start some place and we are where we are right now, excited and open-minded, about now and what is to come!
What we do know is that auras exist and can be photographed and are an essential part of our Being, that they are our Being. As such, we must take good care of ourselves, our emotions/Mind, our bodies, and protect our boundaries  carefully in every aspect of Life. Some people refer to auras as our body's spiritual energy field. Others consider them to be electromagnetic energy. What we do know about the brain right now is that millions of electronic signals go through our nervous system each second/millisecond and that each impulse produces a constantly changing electromagnetic field. Our auras are thought to be a very complex combination of electromagnetic and other yet to be discovered energies, according to modern belief, not to mention thousands of years of ancient studies, long-held beliefs and devoted and sacred Knowledge throughout various world cultures and religions/spiritual traditions.
The equipment that we use at Aura Station 222 involves placing one's hand on a hand sensor, cool to the touch, which then picks up the individual's energy field. This is then transmitted to an optical camera. The aura around the head and/or body is then displayed on our computer screen and in a finished photo in different colors, according to the client's emotions and Mindstate. Analysis of the size, colors and uniformity is done subjectively with some correlation related to Eastern philosophy, Reiki energy studies and intuitive/psychic interpretation. How the aura is analyzed and interpreted does remain of some controversy. Although we do feel that all of us should approach all new things with some skepticism and critical thinking, as we are all adults with free will and a good, sound Mind, there are those amongst us who are open to alternative and spiritual forces which may be involved.
To be sure, there is something very interesting going on within each of us to produce our aura. Aura Photography is what it is at this point in our understanding and evolution. We feel strongly that all those who are so inclined, should continue to learn about auras and human energy systems, and develop better equipment to visualize and analyze them. Until that time should come, we can utilize what we know for our benefit.
Our goal at Aura Station 222 is to help enhance personal growth and well-being in ourselves and others. We believe that by being healthier individuals, we all make a contribution to a healthier Planet, one person at a time, just by Being.

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