Aura Station 222, A Step Ahead - Silver Spring, Maryland near metro
Our Practice Philosophy
At Aura Station 222, we take great pride in our work and professionalism. We do what we love!
We are excited to offer both Alternative and Traditional Healing and Psychotherapy Services. We wish to continue making a difference in the world by continually providing quality services, growing as professionals, growing as persons and making a healing difference around us.
We have both worked as Healing Professionals for decades and seek to leave a legacy behind us of persons who are slightly better for having known us, and us, greatly, for having known them. It is our personal philosphy that we are all Souls on this planet just trying to learn, get along, Love and make a difference, all under the Loving Guidance of a Higher Power.
We choose to do what what we love.
We hope to be of Service to you soon.
Serve others, be free, be fearless
We are energy.
Aspire, Inspire, Ascend, Become
Energy, Laurel Damsel & D. Trent Lewis
At Aura Station 222, We do what we love
 “At some point, it is time to open and bloom, spreading one’s petals to the sun and its vast, great warmth, bejeweled in drops of dew, feeling new, enjoying the refreshing rains, swaying in the soft breeze with fern and bee alike, reveling in the coolness of the confident moon, birds cooing in the night, waking to the mist across the fields of a new, green morn’….”
©Bloom, Laurel Damsel & D. Trent Lewis
Aura Station 222,
That your step may be a little lighter
Your path a little easier
Your breath softer
Heart happier
Song brighter
Life fresher
Soule, more free…
To your happiness,
©Happiness, Be, Laurel Damsel & D. Trent Lewis, 2013

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