Aura Station 222, A Step Ahead - Silver Spring, Maryland near metro
"I had distant reiki sessions with Laurel and they were wonderfully relaxing. I'd come away feeling calm and reinvigorated. Since I had no health problems, I simply asked for a general healing and got more than I ever thought possible. My husband Duy had a separate session and my late mother actually came through during their appointed time. We realized she hadn't crossed over and needed healing for herself, so Laurel performed reiki on her spirit and she finally moved on to the other side. He later dreamt that she was a happy little girl and we take it as a sign that she was finally at peace. It looks like what I really needed was healing for my grieving heart and I'll always be grateful to Laurel for going above and beyond to help our family move forward."
Daisy L.
"Laurel is one of the greatest healing forces I've encountered in my life. She is a compassionate, gifted human being with great intuitive, spiritual and psychological skill. She has guided me through some very challenging times, always demonstrating great empathy, truth and wisdom. She is truly a great healer to all that encounter her healing energy and light."
Anne S.

We thank you for your faith in us and appreciate your referrals.
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