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The Power of Reiki
We believe that Reiki very much follows the rules of quantum mechanics and quantum physics. In quantum physics, atoms are thought not to be static matter as such. They are instead possibilities. They can be influenced by channels of energy to become something different. It's kind of like the observer (healer) influencing what is being observed (client). Because powerful healing thoughts (Reiki Energy) carry energy vibrations, they can produce positive changes in the client.
In Reiki healing, the Reiki healer/practitioner is a conduit/vessel through which Reiki Healing Energy is channeled. The powerful thought vibrations (Reiki Energy) create the healing process. It is necessary that the Reiki healer prepare for the healing by clearing any negative vibrations (thoughts, emotions) from themselves and the healing space, in order to be a proper channel and space for the healing energy to do its work. The client should be prepared for the healing by coming to the session with an Intention for healing and a willingness to heal. He/she should present to the session in a calm and relaxed manner, with an open mind toward healing. When the healing session is complete, the healer/ practitioner will end with (continued use of) sacred symbols to close the client's chakras and to provide spiritual protection.
The Reiki Energy is pure love, Chi or Divine Energy or GodSource, or Our Higher Power. The Energy does all the work, determining where the client needs healing the most, physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual. Reiki is a Healing Energy. It can never do any harm, either through mistake or mis-intent. It is pure Love. All the client needs to do is relax and be open, with a positive Intention toward their own healing. 
A Protective barrier, provided by the client themselves, is always recommended, after a Reiki Healing Treatment Session, and always, on an everyday basis, to consist of prayer and meditation, calling in of the White Light or a Golden Shield of Protection, violet protection or the purple flame, or calling upon one's Guides and Angels/Archangel(s). Protection is Essential.
 Healer, heal thyself, that thoust might heal others
There are always those in need of healing, and there always will be
Thus, an ongoing need for a Legion of Helpers and Healers
Laurel Damsel                                                                 
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