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Us at Aura Station 222 
At Aura Station 222, in providing treatment, healing and insight services, we seek to fulfill our Human Mission and Purpose. In assisting others in being more healed, and teaching and encouraging ever-increasingly higher levels of Self-protection and empowerment, we feel, believe and Know we are providing a tremendous gift to the world, the best we can, and making an invaluable difference, as we see it, our goal, to serve one client at a time, thus hopefully enabling one healthier, happier, more empowered, more insightful individual who will then pass it along to another one of US….  
Regarding Self-protection, if one were to mail a fragile, beautiful vase, one would not throw it in a box and down the mailbox slot. One would wrap it carefully in packing materials, seal it thoroughly all around, label it “Fragile” on all sides of the box and top and bottom, label it in multiple places “first class” and mail it “first class” or have it hand-delivered. One does not expect a fragile glass vase to ship/mail without proper preparation and handling. One would not desire a beautiful, fragile, glass vase to arrive at its destination in pieces and shards, a vase exquisitely beautiful for its transparency and fragility.
In order to maintain the exquisite beauty of this vase, one would not seek to make this vase “tougher” or “more rubbery” or more cloudy or opaque, to help prevent breakage, as that would dull its intrinsic, inherent value, its unique beauty, transparency and fragility. Nor does one expect to be sensitive in this world without proper Protection. Rather than being more tough, cynical, indifferent, callous, insensitive, hardened, jaded, cruel, defended, arrogant, rude, insensitive and impersonal, mean, riding over others roughshod, or conversely, being/feeling like a victim, we encourage Our Clients to be the beautiful, fragile, glass vase of their Original Soul Self, as much as possible, Protecting themselves daily at/on all levels, emotional, mental/Mind, physical and spiritual/auric.
We promote resilience, assertiveness, empowerment, and expectation/ preparedness of potential places/persons of abuse and disrespect. To be at one’s most beautiful and precious and unique and special, one must practice Active, Everyday Self-Defense and Protection. Thus, our Mission and Purpose, Our Services at Aura Station 222, We hold as our Earth’s Purpose.
D. Trent Lewis and Laurel Damsel 2013
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