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What is Past Lives Regression Therapy?
In a nutshell, Past Lives Regression Therapy or PLRT for short, is a form of therapy which regresses clients back to a past life or lives which may relate in some way to problems or unresolved issues in this life time and suggests a resolution or spiritual release of the issue or issues. It presupposes a belief in or an openness to reincarnation. The process itself very much follows the work of Sylvia Brown (psychic/intuitive, author, and past lives regression therapist). Reading her book Past Lives, Future Healing will give your some insight into the process which is utilized.
The technique of PLRT involves the utilization of hypnosis to facilitate the regression (relaxation, imagery, and regression). At the end of the session, there will be a time for processing the material presented in some detail. A CD will be provided to the client so that futher review can be done later should that be desired.
Past Lives Regression Therapy (PLRT) is conducted by Mr. D. Trent Lewis who has much training and decades of experience in the field.
Past Lives Regression Therapy
Your past joining your Present,
creating a better sense of clarity, purpose, wholeness, understanding, cohesion and self-acceptance....
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