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Your Aura Photograph
Your aura photograph will be taken utilizing computerized aura photography software and an optic camera. You will place one hand upon a sensor (sensor feels cool to the touch). The sensor will transmit your aura energy to the computer which will then produce your aura photograph. The photograph will display your energetic/emotional aura colors.
An Aura Photograph is a photo of your electro-magnetic field, or "aura" or "halo". This is the energy that surrounds your body, as studied by current and ancient Healers, to consist of 7 or more protective layers emanating outside from the body. The Aura photograph reveals the colours around the body, made up of your mindstate and emotions, which can change from moment to moment. The colors cover the entire rainbow, or ROY G BIV: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, as well as other colors including pink. These colors are believed to represent one's chakras, or seven (or more) spiritual energy centers. They are: Red, at one's groin, Orange, below the navel, Yellow, above the navel, Green and Pink, at the heart center chakra, Blue at the throat, Indigo at the third eye or forehead center, place of spiritual insight and intuitive/ psychic vision, and Violet at the crown of the head, connection to Godsource or Higher Power. There is thought to be an additional chakra or energy center higher up, above the head, referred to as "Transpersonal", as well perhaps, as countless others.
These chakras are thought to rule: red, stability and survival; orange, creativity and sexuality; yellow, intuition; green/pink, love and relationships, as well as carrying woundedness in relationships and life; blue, self-expression or a lack thereof; indigo, natural, innate intuitive abilities we all have; violet, our connection to Godhead or Our Higher Power.
These chakras are believed to rotate or "whirl", perhaps in same or different directions from each other. It is believed that "stuck" chakras or those spinning too fast or slow or stopped, or spinning in the wrong direction, can cause emotional and physical/medical health problems.
It is believed the body is surrounded by 7 or more protective layers, in order, away from the body. These include the electromagnetic shield, mentioned above, and more layers that protect the mind and spirit bodies.
Stress may reveal a "muddier" or less clear aura photograph. This may indicate one needs to slow down and practice greater self-care, as life may be offering a lot of challenges, perhaps all at the same time, sometimes with no foreseeable end in sight. This is a time to self-nurture as much as possible and set limits with others' demands and expectations.
Aura Photography: beyond the physical body to the Mindstate, heart, emotions and etheric/auric field
Ancient Knowledge, Current Practice 
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